Categories & Process

Categories : Paintings, Sketches, Photography, Sculptures & Installations.
* Click the Apply Now button, Fill The Form with 4-5 images of the artworks & submit the form.
* The works are then sent for selection process.

* Selected Artists are notified by the ShiviArtIndia.

* The selected artists have to pay the participation fee within 48 hrs of the notification.

* As soon as we receive the participation fee, the artist is listed.

His / Her work will be open for online voting promoted on the SAI website one month before the show for through which one best artwork from each category will be selected for the ShiviArtIndia Award.
The awards & participation certificates will be given away by our Chief Guest on the inauguration Day.


Fill the online participation form.

Upload minimum three and maximum 6 pictures of your Artworks for Selection.

Payment of fees will be done after the selection of your Artwork. An email will be sent to you with 'link' to payment page.

Contact us for any help: +91-9899595044

The Theme – SHAKTI

Picturing a Woman in different forms & roles, Shakti explores the concept of womanhood represented by the social & sacred functions her image has served through time.This landmark exhibition organised by SHIVI ART INDIA brings together more than 40 artworks & collections from different parts of India & the world. The exhibition will feature works made by both male & female artists.


Women are key to improving the well-being of children and achieving lasting change in society. This is why all the programs that the ShiviArtIndia supports include community-based actions that empower women to create a better future for themselves, their children and their communities. A part of the sales goes to the charity of women & children to enhance their lives in a positive way.

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