Shakti Digital T&C

Terms & Conditions for Digital Entries:
The rules and regulations for the Digital Entry in the group art exhibition Shakti at Visual Arts Gallery, IHC, New Delhi are given below for the information of the artists.
Shivi Art India has great pleasure to initiate this platform for the first time in India to promote artists and their works. This is an initiative by Shivi Art India to give an opportunity to the talented artists from various parts of the country to display their artworks through a digital screen & reach the art lovers/buyers at ‘Shakti- Woman Of Substance 2016’ at one of India’s best galleries.

Those who wish to participate can send images of their works through email to in any medium/size and must be their original works on the relevant theme. The selected artworks will be exhibited on a HD screen installed at the Gallery.

T & C:

  1. Artists who wish to participate can send images with all the details (title, size, medium, price) of their works through email to
  2. Participants will receive a Digital Participation Certificate which will be sent to all participating artists through email after the show.
  3. Participants have to pay a nominal fee of Rs.1500/- for 3 artworks of any size towards participation.
  4. Participation will be confirmed only after the entry fee is received by bank transfer, Demand Draft or cash.
  5. If  you want to exhibit more than 3 pls let us know.
  6. No need to send any artworks physically to the gallery. Only good quality images are to be uploaded in the form.
  7. Please send only good quality images of your artworks up to 3 MB size.
  8. We will display the artworks on the HD screen installed in the gallery at Shakti Show.
  9. Only unsold works are eligible for the digital participation.
  10. Shivi Art India will promote the artworks displayed in the digital form to the art lovers & buyers during the exhibition dates, i.e, from 16th-20th July 2016.
  11. Artists will be informed if any sales happen at the gallery.
  12. Digital entries are not eligible for any PR promotions, Printed catalogue, Award entries or any other promotional activities during the Shakti exhibition.
  13. Copied work is not acceptable.

All sales will be negotiated by ShiviArtIndia and ShiviArtIndia will retain 30% on all sales. The balance of 70% will be paid over to the artist concerned within 20 days once after the full money is realised.

Copyright of the painting sold would pass on from the artist to the buyer. For better sale, the artist should price their exhibits reasonably.

Team ShiviArtIndia reserves the right to have the accepted works reproduced in the catalogue and any other publication or to supply photographs of the same for Press Publicity Purposes.