Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions:
The rules and regulations for the Exhibition at Visual Arts Gallery, IHC, New Delhi are given below for the information of the artists.
ShiviArtIndia has great pleasure to initiate the platform to promote artists and their works.

Those who wish to participate can send their recent works of size as mentioned below in original work (Any mediums and subjects). The selection will be made by the judging panel only on the basis of original works.

Entry Fee:

  1.  Selected artists have to pay a fee of Rs.15,000/- for 3 artworks of sizes up to 36inches or 3ft, towards participation.
  2. Minimum 3 works are required to be exhibited.  
  3. Participation will be confirmed only after the Entry fee is received by bank transfer, Demand Draft or cash.
  4. Copied work is not acceptable.
  5. Under no circumstances, the entry fee will be refunded.
  6. Last Date for receipt of entries: 30th March 2017

Date and Venue of Exhibition:  2017, Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi

Awards :

  1. A Participation Certificate will be awarded to every participating artist.
  2. ShiviArtIndia People’s Choice Award & Winner’s certificate –
  3. One artist will be awarded SHIVI PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD. Selection will be done through online voting. Online voting will be open only once the participating artists are finalized.
  4. Any more additions in prizes will be notified.

MAXIMUM SIZE: Up to 3ft (36”) including Frame


Team ShiviArtIndia will endeavour to take every possible care for the safety of the Exhibits during custody/display/transit and return of the same, but would not be responsible for any loss or damage during display, storage or transit and no claim to this effect will be entertained. The Exhibitors are advised in their interest to insure their works, before submitting the same at their cost for the value they deem fit to avoid disappointment in the event of loss or damage.



All sales will be negotiated by ShiviArtIndia and ShiviArtIndia will not retain any commission on sales.

Copyright of the painting sold would pass on to the buyer. For better sale, the artist should price their exhibits reasonably.

Team ShiviArtIndia reserves the right to have the accepted works reproduced in the catalogue and any other publication or to supply photographs of the same for Press Publicity Purposes.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Artists should notify the change in their address, if any, immediately.

RETURN OF WORK: No work which has been included in the Exhibition will be allowed to be removed before the close of the exhibition & without our permission. Team ShiviArtIndia undertakes to return all the works immediately after the exhibition is over, to the owners at their risk and cost. Exhibitors personally submitting their exhibits, must take them back within 10 days after the close of the exhibition. The outstation artists, who arrange to deliver their works, should deposit sufficient amount to cover the return journey and packing expenses of the exhibits, without which the exhibits will not be returned. If the exhibits are not taken back within a month after the close of the exhibition, Team ShiviArtIndia shall have the right to dispose off the exhibits in any manner it deems fit and artists will have no claim against ShiviArtIndia whatsoever.


a) Exhibits should be packed in strong cases to withstand rail/transport.

b)Exhibitors are advised to dispatch cases under railway transit insurance at their own expenses to ensure careful handling by railways.

c) All packages containing exhibits for the exhibition should be freight- paid and can be dispatched by rail, road, air or post and should be marked ‘THE CONTENTS ARE FOR ‘ShiviArtIndia’ to the address given above and should be freight-paid.

ShiviArtIndia will not be responsible for non-delivery of the parcels or for payment of damage caused by the non-receipt or late receipt of parcel viable or misplacement of consignment by rail, road, airways, etc.

All works for the exhibition should be submitted keeping in view the stipulation of size and execution date.
Each participant is required to send brief bio-data not more than 200 words, and a passport size photo for publicity purpose with the schedule.

Failure to comply with any of the rules laid down in prospectus may cause a rejection of exhibits.

Artists are requested to give their brief perception of art and their work.